"Hit Man" aka Jax Wellings || Age: 17 || Day Trotter || Member || FC: Sam Pepper

Bio: Jax has ADD. It’s not too bad, in fact he’s better then most kids with ADD but his parents couldn’t live with a kid like him. So, he was pushed into foster care when he was two. He went in and out of homes with other people. He didn’t mind too much because he got to meet a lot of different people, making it easy for him to get along with all kinds of people. In his last home Jax met Marcus who asked him all kinds of questions about being in foster care and told him if he ever was bored of going to new family he could be one of them. Several months went by and he was off to be shipped to his next home but he deiced not to go. He took Marcus up on his offer and finally stay in one place and settle down.

Personality: Jax can easily be described as one word: awkward. He’s the strange kid that does weird things such as dancing whenever he feels like, or blurting out the weirdest things. This is mostly because of his ADD, but he’s a good addition to the gang. Jax acquired his nickname “Hit Man” because despite his jumpy and weird personality he’s pretty skilled with a knife - he knows how to use it quickly and effectively.

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